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LATEST NEWS: November 10, 2022

EOM Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc. Announces Name Change from ImmunoCellular Therapeutics, Ltd.

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EOM Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc. (“EOM”), a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company, today announced its name change from ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Ltd., to EOM Pharmaceutical Holdings, Inc. EOM’s Common Stock will continue to be quoted on the OTC Markets under the ticker symbol “IMUC” while the company completes the process of changing the principal listing of its common stock to a national exchange. No action is required to be taken by company stockholders with respect to the name change.

The company name change follows the merger of EOM Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Ltd. on December 1, 2021, in which the shareholders of EOM Pharmaceuticals became the majority shareholders of the combined company. The merger created a public company that will focus on advancing immunomodulatory and retinal disease investigational drug agents to address a range of inflammatory, viral, retinal, and other diseases.

Our Mission

To rescue, repair, and restore health in patients suffering
from debilitating and sometimes deadly diseases

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Power science
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Support each other and humankind

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Rescue, Repair, and Restore

EOM Pharmaceuticals’ goal is to rescue, repair, and restore health. We are focused on developing novel drugs with the potential to transform therapeutic paradigms and improve quality of life in patients suffering from debilitating and sometimes deadly diseases.

Rethinking the Role of Immunomodulators
Watch how EOM Pharmaceuticals is rethinking the role of immunomodulators with its novel, dynamically dual-acting, broad-spectrum lead asset, EOM613, which can produce anti- and pro-inflammatory effects and could mitigate a hyperimmune reaction or “cytokine storm.”

Our Pipeline


An investigational, novel, dynamically dual-acting immunomodulator. EOM613 is a peptide-nucleic acid solution and is believed to have both anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory broad-spectrum cytokine effects. In human cell culture studies, EOM613 demonstrated a unique “dynamic dual action” by suppressing or stimulating monocytes and macrophages depending on the activation state and environment of those key immune cells.1,2,3 It is hypothesized that this dynamic dual action may overcome a limitation of many approved immunomodulators that only reduce the inflammatory state, without achieving immune system balance.


An investigational, broad-spectrum aminosterol with a unique intracellular mechanism for the treatment of retinal diseases. EOM147 is believed to affect multiple angiogenic growth factors such as VEGF, PdGF, and bFGF. This mechanism of action is uniquely differentiated from other retinal therapies that are only anti-VEGF and administered as an intraocular injection. The novel formulation, administererd as an eye drop, represents a potential breakthrough that does not require intraocular injection.

EOM147 is being developed as proprietary, newly reformulated eye drop, containing a steroid-polyamine conjugate compound with broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity and anti-angiogenic activity.

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